S14 (2023)


“Love & Metamorphosis”

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Marc Alechinsky

Maurice Bansay

Olivier Brochet

Sara Castagné

Susanne Eliasson

Edouard François

Pablo Georgieff

Thierry Guichard

Djamel Klouche

Jacqueline Osty

Patrick Rubin

Yannick Salliot

Bas Smets

Olivier Vadrot

Corinne Vezzoni

Michèle Laruë-Charlus (Coordinator and moderator)

Guest artists

Claire Lavabre, Photographer & Designer

Oliver Vadrot, Architect & Designer

La Vrille (mock-up & prototype)

Olivier Vadrot

An encounter with a landscape invisible from the ground… A cross between architecture, design and scenography, “La Vrille” is a high, spiral sculptural work in the style of a climbing plant, imagined by Olivier Vadrot. Viewed from the sky, it takes on a silhouette reminiscent of vines, grapes and their characteristic tendrils.

The inauguration of “La Vrille” is scheduled for September 28, 2023.

association lezigno beziers heureuse coincidence le seuil des villes
association lezigno beziers heureuse coincidence le seuil des villes


La jointure des mondes

Claire Lavabre

Series of photographs exploring a cross-border area between the towns of Cerbère, Portbou and Colera. This Franco-Spanish perimeter on the Mediterranean coast has an identity born of the daily encounter between two cultures. It’s a territory swept by the same winds, buildings that remain and evolve with historical changes, infrastructures that transform into landscape.