S13 (2022)


“Even so!”

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Lezigno - heureuse coincidence 6 2011


Cécile Barani

Marc Barani

François Bayrou

Solenn Borchers

Alexandre Chemetoff

Kevin-Antoine Eloy

Marjane Hessamfar

Xavier Leibar

Mathieu Lucas

Manuel Mateus

Philippe Prost

Alexandre Sfintesco

Aymeric Zublena

Michèle Laruë-Charlus (Coordinator and moderator)

Hugo Christy (Moderator)

Guest artist

“50 years of design”, singular collection by Sabine Sautter + favorite pieces by Architruc & Baltaz’art

50 ans de design

Singular collection by Sabine Sautter, presented by Bernadette Boissière

Agnès Jullian has teamed up with Bernadette Boissière and Sabine Sauter to establish a dialogue between Technilum’s production and 50+1 iconic 20th-century objects that celebrate light, architecture and festivity – 3 key themes in Technilum and Lézigno’s identity.

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