S4 (2009)


“The Mediterranean, a new architectural Eldorado?”

Lezigno - heureuse coincidence 6 2011


Marc BARANI, Agence Barani & Jensen

Federico BERRUTI, Mayor of Savone

Thierry BONNE, Day Architectes

Silvio D’ASCIA, Atelier d’Architecture Silvio D’Ascia

Franck GEILING, Euromediterranée2

Philippe SAUREL, Town Planning Assistant, Montpellier City Council

Philippe TRETIACK, Journalist, writer (moderator)

Guest artist

Stéphanie Nava, Designer – Objets de traduction

Objets de traduction

Stéphanie Nava

Carried by the architecture of the site, this installation plays on the different levels offered by the building, the openings and passages between interior and exterior spaces. This pipe, winding its way through the air, also carries the word, sharing points of view.

association lezigno beziers heureuse coincidence le seuil des villes