Lezigno is a cultural association whose demanding programme answers questions related to the future of urban life through the filter of light, architecture, art, design and landscape.

Created in 2006, upon the initiative of  Agnès Jullian, president of Technilum, the Association Lézigno hosts artists in residence and organizes annual conventions and meetings addressing an audience of professionnals, named "Heureuses Coïncidences / Serendipity". 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 13rd edition Serendipity planned for June 2020 could not take place...


Two years have passed since the last edition in Lézigno. A (too) long time, nevertheless favourable to reflections, rich in creations, constructions... It is thus with an immense pleasure that the 13th edition of the Happy Coincidences will take place, on Friday September 9th, 2022!
We will exchange, dialogue, between 2 generations, between 3 souls, between 4 eyes, between 1000 ideas... to make beautiful coincidences hatch 😉.

And as a pleasure never comes alone, we will also celebrate the 50(+1) of Technilum, our sponsor!


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See you on June 9th for the Serendipity 14!


Io Burgard exhibits in Lezigno

Expo Io Burgard

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Serendipity 12 



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