Lezigno : a company ambition

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Technilum® designs and manufactures urban lighting furniture since 1971. The company is used to work on custom-made projects for specifiers, architects, landscape architects, urban planners and lighting designers. Expert in urban stakes and maintaining creative and intellectual exchanges with project owners and project managers, Technilum® also sometimes collaborates with artists to create unique pieces of arts. Therefore, the creation of the Lezigno Association was a logical developpement, to make grow this interdisciplinarity.


More than 10 years of a demanding programmation 

Living place, open to new talents and to researchers. Lezigno develop three experimentation fields:

  • Training, a constant work with architecture and art schools
  • Innovation in liaison with other manufacturers
  • Creation in collaboration with public and private institutions and local authorities.

Lezigno, real laboratory of research, place of reception, exchanges, dialogue and exhibition welcomes artists in residence, and offers an annual cycle of symposiums and meeting, "Serendipity" for a professionnal audience.

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